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What we'll do

  • Sign up as an actor or writer and get a free profile.
  • Actor profiles have four slots for self-uploaded video. Each video features the actor performing a different set of character sides. Need sides?
  • Browse through writer profiles, sample their work, get in touch. Get sides written for you.
  • Read tips to make sure your self-uploads look great.
  • Join the acting/writing community further through our message boards, a marketplace with specialized goods and services, and Los Angeles events.

Opening for limited membership soon.

Get Noticed

Casting Directors, Producers, and other employers can quickly click through and see some of your best work.

You're in Control

Post your best work – never misrepresent your talent.

It's Immediate

No need to wait for that other footage to come back, months later, for a reel.

Stay Current

Self-recording is in demand because it’s so accessible and easy. Use it.

Be Kind to Your Wallet

It’s free, because we want you to make money acting or writing, not spend it.

Join a Community

Other actors and writers like you need a great online home to exchange ideas and support each other.


Boosting your creative career has never been so easy.

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